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We help clients solve commercial problems


Where do we need to be in 5 years’ time, and how do we get there?


Which bits of our digital marketing are working, and where can we make a saving?


We have competing agendas in driving the business forward, so how can we get aligned?


We don’t know why our customers are leaving us, so how can we grow lifetime value?


What can we learn from observed best practice, and how can we save money in our day-to-day operations?


We need to ensure our message lands, so how do we engage in the complex world of data-driven marketing

We bring our sector expertise to every engagement

Travel & Logistics

Our Travel & Logistics knowledge cuts across air, hotel and car, supported by distribution experience in wholesale, online travel agencies and major travel management companies.​

Financial Services

Our Financial Services experience covers banking, insurance, fintech and payments.​ We understand the pressures of working in a highly regulatory environment.

Private Equity and M&A

Our experience in the world of Private Equity and M&A spans the full deal lifecycle. We help with due diligence pre-deal and embed new acquisitions post-deal.

Our client list represents the breadth of our work

Proudly Independent | UK-based | Global Reach 


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JP Project 50 Ltd, trading as Project50.

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