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Welcome to Project 50

The new breed of strategic marketing consultancy

We’re here to help C-suite leaders realise their commercial potential.

Our foundation is the best of agency and client-side thinking, combining marketing leadership and digital activation experience from some of the world’s largest brands. This rich perspective helps bridge the gap between commercial strategy, brand position and engagement with the end customer.


Our executive experience helps us to appreciate your boardroom challenges. We have strength in being able to quickly understand your business and identify the opportunities. This is balanced by an ongoing focus on practical implementation.


We bring together a range of informed perspectives to shatter traditional thinking. We will help you effectively join the dots beyond marketing and into product, data, technology and customer experience. Our focus is always on a practical solution; we ensure ideas are rooted in commercial reality.


We know how to get your teams and your business match fit for the challenges you face and the ambition you have. We build on skills already in place within your business; where we see gaps, we will help you to plug them.

What people are saying...

‘Project50 aren’t like any other consultancy I have ever worked with; informed, insightful and inspiring'.

Gill Taylor, Chief Transformation Officer, Appreciate Group

‘The next breed of consultants; the dreamers who do’.

Kyrre Riksen, Chief Marketing Officer, Jaja Finance

‘They are a joy to work with; smart, experienced, knowledgeable and prepared to roll their sleeves up’.

Simon Talling-Smith, CEO, Voy

Positive. Practical. Consulting.

If you need to grow, you’re getting ready to sell, or if you’ve got a temporary gap get in touch, we’d love to have a chat about how we can help you.

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trading as Project50

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